Groupe Lavigne

Welcome to Groupe Lavigne, talent management and development firm!

Over the last 25 years, our mission has always been the same: accompanying our clients with their resources’ talent development in order to help them reach their strategic targets. Experts on developing the personnel in contact with humans, such as clients, members, contractors, suppliers, colleagues and employees, we will help you develop the following skills within your teams: Leadership, Sales, Negotiation, Customer Experience, Communication, Influence, Business Development, Customer Service, Sales Management.

Important message: In order to continue with our mission while respecting the government’s instructions regarding the virus Covid-19, Groupe Lavigne would like to inform you that all interventions can now be delivered remotely thanks to our interactive virtual class.

Doing business with Groupe Lavigne assures you to:

  • get a customized intervention perfectly adapted to your needs that ensures a compatibility and an application to your reality;
  • develop the targeted skills thanks to our library of more than 100 training themes that can be adapted to your learners’ situation;
  • benefit from trainings and workshops that always include 60% of practical activities in order to ensure anchoring of new skills into practice;
  • closely work with a senior consultant, certified coach, specifically chosen according to their expertise and profile to take up your project and ensure its success;
  • collaborate with a partner that shows a deep desire to anchor the new skills in a lasting manner in order to maximize your investment;
  • building a long-term partnership to accompany you through major projects delivered over several months.

Groupe Lavigne is a training body accredited by Commission des partenaires du marché du travail for the purpose of application of the Law 90 to promote workforce skills development and recognition.

Let us help you develop your resources’ skills through trainings, coachings, conferences or accompaniements in order to reach the objectives you have set.





CUSTOMIZED training, coaching and consultation.

Out time-tested techniques to diagnose needs, identify the current level of skills and determine problematic situations to improve, are the strengths of Groupe Lavigne regarding customized training development.