Customized approach

Customized Training Approach

Since the foundation of the firm, we have always been focused on developing trainings that are customized to your needs, reality, talent management historic, level of skills, to name only those aspects.

We therefore perfected an analysis and development approach where you are involved and in control, notably by your validation of key steps. So, you have the opportunity to ensure consistency between our mandate and your organization’s mission, values, politics and internal approach. Here are the steps generally planned for analysis, development and adaptation:


We firstly proceed to analyze your current level of talent with one or the other of these techniques, depending on the project’s complexity:

  • Meeting with higher management and the mandatary to specify objectives and expectations
  • Meeting with a typical group of participants to identify the level of skills and abilities to improve
  • Individual meeting with the best ones in position to identify best practices
  • Meeting with the participants’ immediate manager to identify skills to develop
  • Accompaniement and observation of resources in action
  • Online surveys and questionnaires
  • Psychometric tests
  • Evaluation of knowledge and skills
  • Compilation of identified needs
  • Validation of needs and educational methods with mandatary

Secondly, once the skills to develop have been identified and validated with you, we elaborate the educational strategy, meaning the method with which we will develop your resources’ skills. It is about choosing, amongst other things, the delivery mode:

  1. Validation of the current talent analysis
  2. Validation of the educational strategy
  3. Validation of the detailed training syllabus
  4. Validation of the content/exercises




Then, we develop and adapt the training syllabus. It is a detailed and timed approach that includes the content and exercises that will be covered during the training. During this validation, you are able to appreciate the training step by step, from beginning to end, going through every technique and exercise. Here are the steps we follow to develop in-class and remote trainings:

  • Development of the training’s detailed syllabus
  • Validation of syllabus
  • Development of modules and sections related to the needs identified
  • Development and adaptation of exercises and practical activities
  • Validation of preliminary contents
  • Development of final contents

You will therefore benefit from a firm that has more than 25 years of experience and that has developed over 330 customized courses. We are much more efficient than that usual standard firms in training development.