The Groupe Lavigne has developed over the years a motivational coaching approach that stimulates and encourages the resources to develop and take charge of their professional development.


Approach with Executives

Established as required, it is usually several short sessions to help, guide and monitor the progress of skills development in the manager. The following steps generally represent coaching with executives:

  • Identify with management objectives and expectations to develop
  • Establish a coaching plan with the manager to be coached
  • Several coaching short session as required by the manager
  • Skills assessment with management and the manager

Approach to Coaching Alongside Sales and Services

It is usually a day for coaching representatives and a half-day for call center agents. After the meeting or call with the client, the consultant shall give their feedback through questioning in order to determine the resource’s strengths and skills in need of improvement .

The feedback is based on the observable new skills targeted through training. In other words, the course content is summarized in behaviors that we can see implemented during the meeting or call on with the customer. Thereafter, the skills are transcribed as a list, which becomes the coaching grid.

At the end of the coaching session a verbal summary of the strengths and skills to improve is presented to the participants, and then later documented and presented to his/her immediate superior .

Simulation Approach

This approach takes the form of filmed implementation of the concepts seen in training sessions , it is practiced in two sessions:

“Awareness” Session: a week before the session, the participant receives a case study to prepare for and then role play in front of a camera. He then watches the video and makes self-criticism, presents the latter to his/her immediate supervisor and the Groupe Lavigne adviser which improves upon and reinforces the critical strengths and identifies their own areas for improvement. The participant takes feedback into consideration in order to improve for the second simulation.

“Integration” Session : a week later, filmed role playing seen in earlier in training and feedback received at the first simulation sessions is reviewed. To ensure that the participant has integrated the feedback he has received, even if the simulation is redone, the participant performs a new self-criticism, and receives feedback from his supervisor and Groupe Lavigne adviser. Following this, the Groupe Lavigne adviser will prepare a summary of strengths and areas of required improvement for the participant.

Coaching Plan

To maximize your results and achieve your action plans

Duration of sessions: Generally 2 to 3 hours

Number of sessions depending on your needs

Skills covered:

  • Leadership
  • Management
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Negotiation
  • Sales
  • Customer Service

Coach: selected and appointed based on skills to improve.

We invite you to contact us directly to establish your coaching plan of action.