For collective negotiation

Accompanying plan for collective negotiation

Renewal of a collective agreement or an employment contract

For many negotiators, reasoned negotiation is counter-intuitive. As a result, although parties are well-intentioned, they unintentionally fall back into a competitive mode.

Rather than being at loggerheads with the other party after getting lost on your differences of points of view, rather than tiring yourself with the amount of work and coming back to the negotiation table camped on the same positions, let us help you do things differently.

Here is an accompanying plan that you can take in whole or in part to give you a chance to succeed in your convention negotiation without leaving a negative trace.


Steps What we can do for you
Before the negotiation starts
  • Meeting parties to talk about the upcoming negotiation and about reasoned negotiation principles.
  • Facilitating information sessions/workshops for the negotiation’s teams and players.
  • Developing and facilitating a reasoned negotiation training for the negotiation’s teams.
  • Being a neutral support for the preparation and ensuring a collective progression.
  • Helping parties develop collective operating rules.
During the negotiation
  • Being a neutral support for the meetings’ preparation.
  • Being a neutral guide to the teams for the collective process.
  • Making sure that the basic rules are respected.
  • Helping the teams to deal with difficulties and blockages related to reasoned negotiation.
  • Helping realize strengths and points of vigilance regarding the necessary skills to practice reasoned negotiation principles.
  • Helping the teams discuss, share and clarify mutual interests.
  • Facilitating a brainstorming session to identify a maximum resolution options.
  • Helping the teams choose the options’ evaluation methods.
  • Facilitating discussions and consensus around the options.
  • Helping the teams avoid falling into the traps of competitive negotiation.
After the negotiation
  • Helping, if needed, the teams to write draft texts.
  • Facilitating a post-mortem session with the negotiation teams to draw conclusions and learnings.



You wish to begin with a group training to develop the trainees’ negotiation skills? Consult the training we suggest by clicking here.

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