Our team of consultants, all of which are skilled communicators, will know how to transmit the passion that animates them during conferences. We perform different types of conferences, depending on your needs:


Star conferences


Negotiate with success!

Inspired by our book 95 tactics of negotiation (available in English soon), this conference introduces you to tactics adapted to your reality.

Energize your sales!

Inspired by our book 101 tips to propel your sales team to the top (available in English soon), this conference presents some of the best-kept secrets by sales management professionals.



Other conference themes by Groupe Lavigne


  • Negotiating in all collaboration
  • Negotiating against a bully
  • Initiation to negotiation’s principled technique
  • 5 negotiation tricks for a chance of success


  • Leaders, it is up to you to adapt!
  • Successfully performing a constructive feedback
  • Motivating your team to perform
  • Succeeding in your coaching in action
  • Elevating as a leader
  • Executing with managerial courage


  • Did you know there are 34 sales techniques?
  • Defusing objections
  • Convincing, influencing rather than imposing

Customer Experience

  • Customer service is over, here comes customer experience (XC)!
  • Top 5 irritating aspects for clients
  • Do you know what the Net Promoter Score (NPS) is?
  • Dealing with a difficult client

We invite you to browse our trainings to see a list of courses from which we can build a conference.