Diagnosis and recommendations

Diagnosis, Findings and Recommendations

The current context forces several organizations to remodel their sales department in order to become more efficient, better performing, more relevant and better aligned with their strategic ambitions.  Whether it is for a diagnosis in 12, 24 or 36 points, let Groupe Lavigne’s consultants tell you about new trends as well as good practices in different industries, and thus help you shape the sales approach that will allow you to reach your objectives.  For a team of representatives, a team of internal sales consultants or a call center, here are the elements that can be analyzed:


To support recommendations on data and representational findings, we gather information from a number of different angles:

  • Analysis / reading of internal documentation
  • Individual interview
  • Group interview
  • Observation / accompaniement at the task (listening)
  • Information corroboration meeting with the immediate superior