Diagnosis and recommendations

Diagnosis, Findings and Recommendations

Groupe Lavigne’s consultation activities are adapted to answer and solve your structural issues, or to ensure that your structure meets your strategic ambitions. Whether it is for a team of representatives, a team of internal sales consultants, or a call center, here are the aspects that can be analyzed:

  1. Roles and responsibilities
  2. Client management
  3. Sales strategies
  4. Sales structure
  5. Sales process
  6. Current answers arborescence
  7. Equipment and tools available to resources
  8. Establishing priorities
  9. Sales budgetisation
  10. Remuneration resources
  11. Performance monitoring (indicators)
  12. Bonus and individual objectives
  13. Management of individuals’ motivation and mobilization
  14. Talent (skill) management and development
  15. Internal communications
  16. Sales management
  17. Guidance and support for managers