Selling efficiently in the current context

Selling efficiently in the current context

Trainings offered remotely or in person

What have your salespeople, representatives, consultants changed in the last 18 months to maximize the impact of their actions?  In the current context, sales teams must review their ways of working and implement new practices to ensure an effective contact with your clientele. Here are training themes available in virtual class or in person that allow us to support your teams. Of course, you can opt for the whole training plan or choose the themes that answer your specific needs.


Supporting your representatives

Below is a training plan available now that ensures your team’s excellence in the prioritization of their actions to maximize results, in the agility to sell as efficiently remotely as in person, the ability to perform phone follow-ups to develop business, and the management of their time and priorities in this period of change.

Training plan for representatives


For the detailed syllabus of these trainings, click on the following links:


If your representatives are geographically dispersed or if it is difficult to gather them in one room, we suggest doing this training program in interactive virtual class through short and efficient practical workshops. Watch all the interactive virtual class functionalities here.

Your team can also be accompanied in individual or group coaching to develop skills or transfer skills into practice.