Co-development Activities for Sales Consulting

Sales Training

Co-Development Activities for Sales Consulting

It is a workshop where the participant will spend between 60 and 70% of his time in practical exercises.

  • Analyzing and solving in co-development many difficult authentic sales consulting situations experienced by the participants
  • Resources in sales who wish to exchange and perfect their skills
  • Roundtable to collect each participant’s difficult situations
  • Selection of 4 cases to work on in co-development
  • Presentation of the case by the participant
  • Subdivision of the group in subteams where each one suggests ideas to solve the cases:
    • Causes
    • Alternative options
    • Strategies and tactics to use
    • Plan of action to resolve
  • Commingling and discussion in large group
  • ½ day
  • Group of ± 15 participants