Developing and Presenting Your Business Case

Personal Skills Training

Developing and Presenting Your Business Case

It is a 60% practical training where participants will work all throughout the training on one of their authentic situations to develop their Business Case and develop the presentation of their Business Case.

  • Using development techniques of a Business Case
  • Performing a comparative analysis of alternative solutions
  • Building an impactful argumentation
  • Preparing your Business Case’s presentation
  • Anyone who wishes to influence a decision
  • Executives
  • Managers
  • Supervisors
  • Initial awareness exercise: Your convincing pitch!
  • Basis of a Business Case
    • What is a Business Case?
    • Why must we use a structured approach?
    • When must we prepare a Business Case?
    • Key elements of a Business Case
  • Business Case Template
    • Executive summary
    • Identification of the problem or business opportunity (Business Case)
    • Presentation of solutions (alternatives)
    • SWOT analysis of the Business Case
    • Demonstration of benefits, disadvantages, risks and issues
    • Quantitative and financial feasibility analysis
    • Comparative analysis of solutions
    • Presentation of the recommendation
  • Presenting your Business Case
    • Advantages of a structured presentation
    • Developing your convincing argumentation
    • Developing a convincing visual support
  • Synthesis exercise on authentic situations
    • Developing your Business Case
    • Presenting your Business Case
  • Return on learnings
  • 2 days
  • Group of 8 – 12 participants