XC3: Retaining Customers by Impressing Them

Customer Experience and Customer Service Training

XC3: Retaining Customers by Impressing Them



  • Using techniques to make sure the customer receives a remarkable customer experience
  • Recognizing opportunities to personalize the experience
  • Optimizing customer relationships according to the medium chosen
  • Using techniques to earn customers confidence
  • Adapting your approach to impress the customer
  • Using techniques to obtain feedback from the customer


  • Customer project managers
  • Customer relationships/contacts managers
  • Major/key accounts managers
  • Agents in customer contact center
  • Agents of customer service/experience
  • Representative of customer service/experience


  • Reminder of techniques and processes related to customer experience
  • Basis to manage customer experience:
    • Customer experience matrix
    • To each client their needs
    • Mapping the customer experience
    • Appropriation exercise: What is your customer experience map?
    • Identifying hot/key points to manage
    • Exercise: Customer experience, a cost or an investment?
  • Personalizing customer experience:
    • Techniques to create a professional relationship
    • Techniques to retain a client via their habits and needs
    • Exercise of sequential discovery to get to know each other
    • Adjusting to the client’s state of mind variations
    • How to personalize customer experience
    • Appropriation exercise: How could you personalize your major client’s experience?
  • Process to manage customer relationships:
    • Establishing a frequency of contact with your major client
    • Structuring your communications with your major client
    • When must we communicate face-to-face, through video conference, by phone call or by writing?
    • Appropriation exercise: What communication medium would you use?
    • Exercise in simulation “movie director”: Efficient communication
  • Earning your customer’s confidence:
    • What does “trustworthy” mean?
    • Appropriation exercise: Things to avoid doing not to lose the customer’s confidence
    • Techniques to develop/build your credibility
    • Appropriation exercise: What can you say to build your credibility?
    • Anticipating bad news
    • Transmitting a solution for each problem
    • Exercise in simulation: Announce the following bad news
  • Impressing your client:
    • Seeking and exploiting opportunities to positively surprising your client
    • Educating/informing your client to demonstrate the scope of your knowledge
    • Creating the feeling that your client is unique
    • Appropriation exercise: What are your opportunities and means to impress your client?
  • Obtaining feedback from your customer:
    • Investigating satisfaction
    • Analyzing complaints thoroughly
    • Introspection of your customer processes
    • Tracing the source and settling definitively
    • Exercise in case study to resolve


  • 2 days (can be adapted according to the participants’ experience)
  • Group of 12 – 18 participants