Impactful communication in person and remotely

Sales Training

Impactful communication in person and remotely

An important role of the representative is to communicate efficiently to project a professional image, to inform, to influence, to convince. Here’s how to use the basics of communication to be clear, transparent, responsive, impactful and inspiring.


  • Becoming aware of the importance and impacts of the quality of your communications
  • Projecting a flawless image
  • Modulating your communication to inform, influence and convince
  • Dealing with detractors by communicating with impact


  • Consultants
  • Sales representatives
  • Internal sales agents
  • Sellers
  • Accounts or Major accounts managers


  • Initial exercise: The image I project
  • Understanding communication:
    • Communication process
    • The 3 components of communication
    • Good practices in person and virtually
    • Exercise: Preparing your communication to win
  • Communicating clearly:
    • Communicating positively
    • Communication techniques to inform
    • Communication techniques to influence
    • Impactful communication techniques to persuade and convince
    • “All for one” simulation workshop: Communicate that to me!
  • Communicating with detractors:
    • Process for responding to objections
    • Appropriation exercise: Frequent objections
    • “Film director” simulation workshop to stay in discussion mode with detractors


  • Duration: 1 day
  • Group: ± 12 participants