Agile Strategic Planning for Representative

Sales Training

Agile Strategic Planning for Representative

It is a training to develop participants’ abilities to conduct an analysis in order to uncover great opportunities in their territory or zone. Participants will spend at least 70% of their time working on their strategic plan.


  • Developing critical thinking and analytical skills to maximize your territory
  • Defining growth opportunities for your territory or sector
  • Developing the ability to build a sales action plan for your territory


  • Consultants
  • Sales representatives
  • Internal sales agents
  • Sellers
  • Accounts or Major accounts managers


  • Initial test: The 16 characteristics of Critical Thinking
  • Techniques to sharpen your critical thinking
  • Importance and impacts of the territory’s strategic plan
  • Analyzing your market, your territory, your client portfolio:
    • SWOT analysis
    • Performance analysis
    • Comparative analysis
    • Practical exercise: Conducting your territory’s analysis
  • Targeting opportunities:
    • Techniques to identify and assess opportunities
    • Case study: Opportunities to pursue
  • Structure of a simple and efficient territory plan:
    • Action plan, prioritization and goals setting
    • Practical exercise: Building your territory plan
  • Planning your actions to succeed in the current context:
    • Synthesis exercise: Presentation of your own territory plan


  • Duration: 1 day
  • Group: ± 12 participants