Directed Management Coaching

Directed Management Coaching

You are a manager and you would like to develop, deepen and anchor certain specific management skills. Rather than opting for a training, you would like to be individually accompanied in order to address your specific needs in a format that suits your reality.

Groupe Lavigne can offer you a program of directed coaching.  Located halfway between training and coaching, directed coaching allows us to :

  • Educate the participant on gains to be obtained by developing certain specific management skills
  • Target themes specifically chosen, and which will have a real impact in the manager’s daily life
  • Visit management concepts usually learned and deepened in training
  • Concretely apply these concepts to the manager’s reality
  • Anchor these skills through transfer into practice in the daily life of the learner

We can therefore build a directed coaching program with you that addresses the themes of your choice (see list of themes below). To ensure awareness on the elements to be improved, the development of the targeted skill, and the transfer into practice in the manager’s daily life, each bloc of themes is structured as follow:


Several activities can therefore be leveraged to develop each learner’s skills. The consultant will suggest the activities to prioritize according to the skills to be developed, the number of managers to be trained, the managers’ profile, and the specificity of your industry and organization.

Here are some themes that can make up your personalized coaching program.

Management themes

  • Creating a vision for your team
  • Developing rigor
  • Appropriating your management role
  • Exercising your influence
  • Management skills
  • Time and priorities management
  • Communicating adequately
  • Adapting your leadership to your resources
  • Managerial courage
  • Motivating your resources
  • Change management
  • Mobilizing your resources
  • Operations management
  • Facilitating a management meeting
  • Exercising your power and authority
  • Coaching / developing your resources
  • Problem management and decision making
  • Team building
  • Adapting to personality profiles
  • Delegating effectively
  • Negotiating with colleagues and partners
  • Employee experience
  • Developing your emotional intelligence
  • Building on strengths
  • Obtaining results
  • Building an impactful business plan
  • Managing remotely
  • Leadership in crisis

Or any other theme depending on the coachee’s needs.


For example, here is a program made up of topics particularly in demand among managers: