Managing remotely

Training plan on Managing remotely

Trainings offered remotely

In the current context, we must review our ways of working and implement new practices to ensure our teams’ efficiency. Here are training themes now available in virtual class that allow us to accompany your managers in the remote management of their team.

Of course, you can opt for the whole training plan or choose the themes that answer your specific needs.


Supporting your managers

Many of your managers now have to manage their team remotely. This is a new reality that completely changes orientation and their ways of supporting their employee in telework to reach your organizational objectives. Here are many themes that will allow you to ensure their success.

Training plan for managers



If you want more information on this training program:

  • Managing employees in telework: Syllabus
  • Stimulating rigor with your resources in telework: Syllabus
  • Humanizing management through remote coaching: Syllabus
  • Fostering involvement and motivation remotely: Syllabus


To respect the government’s recommendations regarding Covid-19, we propose to deliver this training plan in interactive virtual class with practical, short and efficient workshops that you can attend from the comfort of your home. Watch all the interactive virtual class functionalities here.

Your team can also be accompanied in directed coaching to develop skills or transfer skills into practice.