Learning Strategies

Dissemination Approach

With today’s technology, you have more options than ever to address the skills development of your resources. At the Groupe Lavigne, we have the expertise to support your projects and an approach to dissemination that includes:

  • Classroom Training (distance education)
  • Practical Workshops
  • Computer Based Training (distance education) by video conference
  • Webinar
  • Online Training
  • Experiential workshop
  • Case resolution workshop
  • Behavioural training video modeling

Analysis and Design Approach

At the Groupe Lavigne we developed an analysis and design process where you are present and in control of the finished product, including the validation of key process steps. So you can ensure consistency in the mission, values, policies and internal approach. Here are the steps generally provided for analysis and design:

  • Analysis
    • Meeting with agent and management to clarify the objectives and expectations
    • Dating style focus group participants to identify the level of competence and skills to improve
    • Individual encounter of the best in position to identify best practices
    • Focus group style meeting with managers to identify skills to develop
    • Compilation of identified needs
    • Validation with agent of respective needs and teaching methods
  • Design of classroom and distance training
    • Development of detailed training syllabus
    • Validation of the syllabus
    • Development of modules and sections that reflect the internal processes
    • Development of practical exercises
    • Preliminary validation of content
    • Development final content

Pedagogical Approach

At the Groupe Lavigne we advocate a dynamic approach to teaching where the participant learns by discussing, sharing and exercising. Our courses have a minimum of 60% of practical content with exercises such as:

  • Awareness Exercises
  • Integration Exercises
  • Simulation Exercises
  • Case Studies
  • Team Exercises
  • Individual Exercises

To facilitate learning and especially the transfer to practice, we use the following strategies:

  • The exercises make the participants work on real life scenarios;
  • Each concept or skill worked on is discussed with the participants to assess adhesion and understanding;
  • Understanding is assessed by questioning the class leader or with mini-tests;
  • Videos are used demonstrating the proper behaviour and then modeling behavior with participants.