Interactive Virtual Class

The Interactive Virtual Class

With several years of experience delivering trainings in interactive virtual class, Groupe Lavigne’s consultants have facilitated over 500 trainings in virtual class in the last few months. We can therefore give all our trainings remotely in an interactive and participative way in order to respect the government’s instructions regarding Covid-19.

For our clients who wish so, our trainings can also be offered in interactive virtual classroom (IVC). The IVC allows us to replicate remotely the conditions of an in-class training. Participants can see their colleagues and the facilitator, interact with them, virtually raise their hand to ask questions, share their ideas and much more. They must actively participate by, amongst others, giving their opinion during roundtables, taking part in subgroups activities in the form of workshops, and answering many types of quiz. The virtual classroom is directly online, which means that we simply access it by an URL link. So, no need to buy or install any software. Participants only need a computer, webcam and headset with microphone.

To choose what training you would like to give to your team in interactive virtual class, click here.


Demonstration video (in French) to visualize the virtual class functionalities

This video presents a virtual class on Adobe Connect.  We also give trainings on several other platforms, such as ZOOM and Teams.